Foreign Couple Attacked by Bar Girl in Soi 8


A Foreign couple have been attacked by an angry bar girl

A Video has been doing the rounds online after an older British couple were attacked by a bar girl in Soi 8, Pattaya, after an argument broke out.

The bar girl is seen to take her shoe of an smash it over the head of the 63 year old man. She then turns her attention to the woman and starts yanking and pulling at her dress, before turning back towards the man for a few punches and kicks to finish the job off.

The attacker told police that the couple had refused to pay the full bill at the bar, claiming that they could get the drinks cheaper in 7 eleven. This caused the bar girl to lose her temper and start attacking the couple.

The victim, Mr. David Lodge turned up at the Pattaya police station at around 1:30am with a nasty looking black eye and a cut to his forehead. After making his complaint, police made their way down to Patsy beer bar on Soi 8. A Miss Rungnapa Pleumjai, 43, from Udon, was their to greet the officers and answer any questions they had for her.


She said that a group of foreigners had come drinking in the bar. But after the bill was added up a man refused to pay all of it because the bar was selling at a price higher than a convenience store.

She said she calmly explained to the tourist that this was, in fact, a beer bar and not a convenience store, and the prices were obviously going to be higher, the same as any other country. The customers still refused to pay full price, and Miss Pleumjai admitted that she lost her temper and proceeded to attack the customers.

She was taken down to the police station where video footage of the attack was looked at as further evidence, and police concluded that the bar girl would be charged.

She was charged with assault and causing serious bodily harm.

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  • Ken Anderson

    Maybe the headline should read:

    • Patamnak Hill Hobo

      The thai people and Thai culture monger at it again slagging them off .

    • Jack La Motta


    • Jack La Motta

      There is a Video on youtube of a LB hitting a Tourist over the head with his/her stillettos, ouch…………………………………..

  • Patamnak Hill Hobo

    I completly understand this bar lady clocking this pommy over the scone knowing these arrogant big mouths from the south toffs expecting 7/11 prices in soi 8 beer bar Geeze! There cheap enough drinks in soi 8 anyhow .

  • Leburn

    Threatening tourists is the best way to get their money out of their pockets, and it is the best way to lose them.

    I am sure in England, people pays their drinks the same price in convenient stores as in bars. I would be curious to know how much Miss Pleumjai was selling her beers that night…

    • Ken Anderson

      Yes indeed. I dare say this Isaan hillbilly was trying to pull some sort of scam and got found out. Not wanting to lose face, then became violent knowing full well everyone will believe her lies and excuses. We all know, right or wrong, Thai authorities will seldom back up a foreigner, and you only have to look at the Thai apologists already posting in this thread.

    • Patamnak Hill Hobo

      The windmill go-go bar , Babydolls gogobar have good system each time you purchase a drink and they return with the bill you have to sign it . And if you try and cheap charlie out of it you have no come backs after all you signed for it each drink or drinks even many drinks dink dink dink dink buy me dink .

      • Deadhorse.

        With all the of the free publicity the Windmill is getting it would be good if the man caught in the Windmill room were invited back and given free drinks for the evening.

        • Jack La Motta

          dink dink dink dink hahahaha

        • James Bond


    • Paul

      1 single vodka was 280bht and a can of tonic 90bht they had 1single each the check bin was 650they paid it then she tried giving them another bin when then they refused she went mental this couple have lived in Thailand for about 9/10years so they do no the score… Let’s have it right we have all been there when bins ate not right so there you go.someone said that the tonics are only 14bht in 7/11 so does that give the right to do that? I think not.

      • Patamnak Hill Hobo

        When my bill cup starts lookinga bit to many and to thick i check bill and start then again before the buy dink buy me dink dink dink dink start getting into me again . But i love all the attention i get due to my good looks .

        • Ken Anderson

          The places you usually frequent, I understand the staff are mostly not old enough to drink alcohol.

          • Seviyor Beni

            I wanna go too

      • Ken Anderson

        Just ignore all the Thai apologists. In the eyes of some of these fools the hillbillies are never wrong.

      • soidog

        Did I read that Thai average wages was 300bt a day? so work all day for one vodka? paying £6 for a single is madness anyway.My BG’s daughter came to do a bit of waitressing at that fish restaurant corner of second and klang ,12 hrs for 100bt ,we went after to that plastic paddy pub, air conditioned,her days wages
        equalled one orange juice.The disparity is gross.

      • kim

        They Missed Rule Number One……Never Question a BIN!
        Pay and Leave
        Learn the Hard Way……

  • Peer of the Realm

    After drinking for a few hours in a bar, I ALWAYS raise the argument that I could have bought the same drinks a lot cheaper in 7-11, and they usually reply “You make a very fair point, good sir! In that case, we are most pleased indeed to offer you our drinks at the same price as 7-11 from now on!” and everyone goes home feeling very happy.

    • Spooky. Sometimes for a change I go into the 7-11 and tell the checkout girls they need to double the price of all the the drinks, add a few to my bill that I didn’t order and take off their shirts. Similarly, they always comply without hesitation and a good time is had by all.

      • soidog

        When I asked how much the deckchair on the beach was the bloke says 50bt which was very reasonable , as they were over 1000 in the shops…

        • Jack La Motta

          but there´s no beach in the shop

    • Jack La Motta

      And then you woke up

  • le chef

    david lodge – DL – drunk loser

  • le chef

    why anyone would want to take their wife or girlfriend in to a bar beer ?? see it a lot now tho

    • Rob

      “see it a lot now”? …… it’s always been like that, nothing new there.

      • le chef

        2006 never saw a fat white lard ass sitting on a stool drinking as if they were local

        • Rob

          You must have spent all your time looking at the bottom of your beer glass then, because they were there.

        • Jack La Motta

          ” fat white lard ass ” hahaha classic

  • salford33

    Do not believe for micro second, that the couple would even think that bar price would be same as 7/11, more than likely the bill had a few extras to cover training for the bar staff.

  • Jack La Motta

    Someone´s telling stories, they would´nt complain back home that the beer is cheaper in Tescos than the pub and refuse to pay the bill! the guy was probably in the Bar alone the night before while he´s wife was resting at the Hotel, and in a rage of jealousy the BG twatted him on seeing him return with another Women! either way there is probably more to this story than meets the Black Eye!

    • soidog

      A man with gumption enough to buy a trip halfway around the World with his wife is not as daft as this story suggests ,the 7 comment was prolly banter.and what beer bar on Soi 8 is charging 200bt a drink? (i read his bin was 1200 for six drinks)

      • Jack La Motta

        Soi Dog, Gumption, is that that Milky stuff i u se to clean the bath and shower, and kitchen sink! get rid of blood stains bullet holes etc O_o

      • Jack La Motta

        London Pattaya distance 5,980 miles London Sydney distance 10,556 miles, more than half way Soi Dog, but yes you are right!

      • Jack La Motta

        11859 miles london to Dunedin New Zealand

  • ken

    The one common trait of all Thais whether it be male, female LB or in between is to attack foreigners and assault them. Of course they are embolden by the many foreigners who are Thai apologist who excuse their despicable actions regardless of what it is.

  • Robins

    Farang women should not be allowed there. She probably opened her big mouth and said the kind of crap Western women do.

    • Just like that awful family that thought they were hard and got their asses handed to them by a couple of teenagers last Songkran in Phuket. I still watch that clip when I need cheering up.

  • amazingthailand

    i am missing a few things here. unfortunately the victim didnt explain why in his opinion he was attacked. anywhere you get a bill when you order so you should know the price in advance. i absolutely dont believe the farang would argue because his consumption was more expesive than in a 7 11. what could have happen is that he was overcharged or that he didnt get the right change or that the addition was not correct of course in disfavor of the farang .what happens very often. or that one of his fellows left without paying and they charged his bill. so many scenarios possible. but for sure one thing is inacceptable is that this ricefarmers trash attacked viciously the guy she should have call. the police. and here we get to the point the natives become more and more disrespectful and agressive towards tourists. 2 solutions or these racists go back to their ricefield or TAT inform all our embassies that we with exception of our assets are not welcome anymore in los landofstupid

  • What a disgrace to humanity some of the tourist are and I’m from a third world sh*t hole country…this should be a common f**king sense ….

    Really..This is really the best your brain could come up with an excuse of 7-11 prices…

    I give up totally on these animals…You win…

    ohh my god ..its soo cheap…I’m really feeling so embarrassed being called a human being right now…

  • Mike Murphy

    lots of anger pent up in these girls just waiting to erupt

    • Ken

      Yes, angry with themselves that they allow themselves to be exploited by their deadbeat Thai pimps/boyfriends.

    • Jack La Motta

      Who knows what she has been through in the last 20++ years? i would´nt like to be a fly on the wall and see it all! now she´s older and probably can only get work as a Bar Maid, her earnings are probably paltry compared with her Peers 20 years younger! i guess that´s the way the cooky crumbles in Pattaya

  • Globe Meister

    The old fart was lucky the bar girl did not have better Muay Thai technique. From a strictly technical viewpoint, the knees she threw had no power. And her kicks were also lousy. The old boy needs to get himself over to a muay thai gym and learn how to parry and counter-attack, as I could see him getting a split decision if he went toe to toe with this chick.

  • soidog

    It has been my experience that when caught out in chicanery the staff will resort to screaming in denial to save face ,I went to pick up my laundry and they could not find it .. they THEN starting screaming at me that I was a liar and trying to cheat them! they had never seen me before and to eff off!, the husband was strutting and shouting..then I saw my laundry under the ironing board … I am with Ken 100%

    • amazingthailand

      one evening we were with several couples at katesiree bar soi buokhaw. instead of billing every consomption they add a mark on the bill. when i had to pay i put more than enough in the box. unfortunately i made an error. instead of gently explaining me the barmaid strarted to shout and insult treatening me for brainless bufalo moron with 1 r you know. bad luck my girlfriend who is bad tempered understood the insults and shout back. the barmaid ran away hiding behind the bar. thats how they treat farangs these days.

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