Father of disabled daughter seeks donations


A Banglamung man is seeking public assistance to cover the costs of raising his disabled daughter alone after her mother suddenly left them.

Boonlert Thongloi, 37, is the sole guardian for disabled 13-year-old Wanmarin, who developed a brain infection as an infant and today is mentally retarded and unable to walk or feed herself. Boonlert must bathe the girl and feed her with a bottle.

Taking care of Wanmarin is a full time job in itself, and has clearly been taking it’s toll on the single father, who has been trying to juggle his parental responsibilities, with holding down a job at the same time.

He said the child’s mother abandoned them a while back, unable to take the stress of caring for her offspring. Since then, friends and neighbors have pitched in where they can, looking out for Wanmarin, but Mr. Thongloi has had to quit his job to take care of her, leaving the family with no form of regular income anymore.

With no government support available here in Thailand, the distressed father has taken to the local media and social networks in an attempt to raise some money to help with the care of his daughter.

Anyone wanting to donate or help in any way possible can contact him at 094-654-6763.

Source: Pattaya Mail

  • ken

    I would gladly donate if I could be assured that these funds will be used for the girl and not some other purpose.

    • Dave

      What absolute rubbish Ken. Only a fool would believe that comment from a bitter old fairy like you. Easy to say when there is no chance of it ever being able to confirm. At least the father is doing his best to care for her. Put yourself in his shoes and see how you would go. The daily dose of Ken the troll is laughable its so sad and twisted. A$$wipe you are.

      • ken

        I honestly don’t understand your cynicism, vitriol and personal attack against me. I make a sincere post and you go on a tirade. Oh well, I will not enter the gutter with you but will reassert my dilemma with this story because of the inherent dishonest of Thai men, they just cant be trusted.

        • Alex1621

          You don’t need to enter the gutter, you spend your time on here swimming in it … cock munching hypocrite!

  • Tony Akhurst

    I think that the father should get that lazy wife of the child to return and be responsible and not the COWARD that she is.

    • ken

      She will be back on some rice farm far away from Pattaya.

      • Tony Akhurst

        you are probably right but with another guy to support her needs.

  • ken

    Typical Thai. They all want something for nothing.

    • noname

      Excuse me, but do you understand that some countries have social welfare where the state would assist this family and unfortunately Thailand does not have such assistance? This is hardly the place for bitterness and racial slurs. The man needs help, for Christ’s sake. Show some sympathy or be quiet.

      • ken

        Do u make room for the possibility that he could
        Use the money to
        Go drinking instead of using it for its intended use. He is a Thai man and they are inherently dishonest

        • Alex1621

          As you are inherently stupid … do they pay you to be the ‘village idiot’ of Pattaya One?

  • Harry Ate All The Pies

    No shortage of cash in Thailand. Just count the Mercs driving around.

    • noname

      There was a chart on here a while back listing Thailand as one of the most “unequal countries” in terms of wealth distribution.

  • Angry Bloke

    If the Thai’s are truly genuine people, and this guy has a genuine reason asking for help, then he will get the help from his own people…. his appeal isn’t targeted towards farrangs, and surely its not the young girls fault.. she didn’t bring it on herself, bless her..