FAREWELL TO SIAM SQUARE AND RATCHADAMRI NIGHT STREET MARKET — City Hall has set an Aug 1 deadline for all street vendors outside designated spots around Siam Square and Ratchadamri to move to new areas that have been set aside for them.

Witchapong Suwannamai, assistant director of the Pathumwan district office, said the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) had decided to end all night-time street vending outside designated commercial areas near Siam Square.

The city administration had prepared a new site beneath Phong Phra Ram expressway for all 554 vendors who would be affected. They had until Aug 1 to relocate their stalls.

The new site, covering 7 rai and 46 square wah, could accommodate 620 vendors and 60 vehicles. The land is owned by the Expressway Authority of Thailand, Mr Witchapong said.

Currently, the BMA uses the area as a sports yard, a public park and a parking area for its garbage trucks.

The site’s land use would be changed to accommodate vendors affected by the BMA’s decision to reclaim footpaths around Siam Square for pedestrians, he said during a meeting of BMA executive of Monday, Thairath Online reported.

The district office is in the process of improving the new vending area.

During the initial phase of trading, vending fees will not be collected. The BMA would ask the Interior Ministry to arrange this with the expressway authority.

City officials would explain the details at a meeting with all affected vendors on Wednesday afternoon at the Bangkok Art and Culture Center.

City Hall has also decided to end street vending outside designated areas in front of CentralWorld shopping mall, Big C Ratchadamri Superstore, Ratchaprasong intersection and on Ploenchit Road on Aug 1, he said.

Areas along the Airport Rail Link between the Ratchaprarop station and Phaya Thai station, covering about 4,900 square meters, have been set aside for vendors who are being forced to move.

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  • only U

    It’s about time to end all those nonsense vendors near prime real estate. it is redicilous to have such an expensive mall like siam surounded by crap vendors who block the streets and make walking on thailand’s most expensive streets impossible..

    • Buster

      I know what you mean…. What’s the point of having an expensive mall in the middle of a bustling vibrant market?

    • Ken

      Better to close the expensive mall I would say.
      All you get in them places is deluded people, a better standard of fake goods at highly inflated prices, also expensive food with no taste and s**t service.

  • Paul Mason

    Those vendors helped make Bangkok the tourist mecca it is. They are trying to fix something that is not really broken.

  • pattaya_bob

    I so wish I could put every last person who makes a post cheering on the removal
    of street vendors in Thailand on a boat and ship them off to Singapore…
    So they could be happy in their new sterile boring paradise…

    The rest of us can stay and enjoy the Thailand we have always loved…..

    • soidog

      Street vendors lend a good buzz to the atmosphere and it is what visitors like,bland soulless, franchised homogeneous malls can be found at home.I like a lovely hot pork strip at two in the morning ,sets me up for a good kip.

  • Jimmy Goodwood

    Anything could happen between now and next August. What are they waiting for? We could have a new Government, or a new Bangkok Governor by then.
    That means that all the protests and lobbying will start about August 27th next year. !!!

  • why?

    Why is this and other non Pattaya stories doing on the Pattaya site? I think we are capable of looking at the national links. Add a Bangkok link to latest news.

    • weasel

      why do we need a Bangkok link? read the Bangkok post for bangers,national and international news

  • Mike Murphy

    more kickbacks in the works ?


    They should Relocate the Expensive Malls and make more room for the street vendors they bring the best atmosphere in BKK plus is just like being in the real Thailand that’s what attacks the Tourists not the BS Malls

  • eduard81

    al those street vendors are a part of thailands charme.i love to walk around there i think lot of tourist do