Did she fall or was she pushed? Swedish man in custody after “mute” Thai wife falls from Pattaya 8th floor condo


Did she fall or was she pushed? Swedish man in custody after “mute” Thai wife falls from Pattaya 8th floor condo

A Swedish man is helping police with their enquiries after his Thai wife fell from the eighth floor of a Pratumnak, South Pattaya apartment yesterday during an argument.

The juristic person of the condo, that was not named, called cops after she saw bedding and pillows falling. Jamriang Klamngern, 60 ran out to see 24 year old Thanawat Jitiwat lying with broken bones in a pool of blood in the condo car park surrounded by the bedding.

But the victim was not dead and was still breathing.

Police and Sawang Boriboon medics were quickly on the scene and the victim, a native of Kamphaeng Phet, was rushed to hospital.

Her condition was not reported in the Tnews story.

When police arrived on the scene they had found 34 year old Swedish national Marcus Sten Tapio Karhapaa on his knees by the victim sobbing.

He told investigators that the woman who had fallen had been living with him for four years. She is a mute who is unable to speak at all, he said.

He said that they had an argument at their flat on the eighth floor and she went onto the balcony threatening to jump. In a struggle he said that she slipped on some water and fell.

Police went to the room and found evidence of a struggle.

Police said they do not believe the Swedish man’s version of events and he is now in custody as further evidence is gathered and the investigation continues.

Source: TNews

  • Ken

    Lucky fella, a woman who can only listen not speak. Hope she makes a full recovery and finds a new sponsor as this guy is likely to end up in the monkey house.

    • Gumble.

      He should be locked up in your old previous sex offender cell how you got out in the first place beats us all here

      • Mr Infidel

        Tut tut tut u plum xxxxx

      • Shancy Mancy

        anything beats you crumble, especially my spooge all over your mooey

      • His “old old” cell then. What was wrong with just the previous one?

        • Gumble.

          you and your buddies in the sex offender wing ya sick poor fat old pommy drunkard pedos

    • Jack La Motta

      Or he might have an accident

    • Sly

      Quiet chicks are dime are dozen here. You just have to keep their mouth full.

  • private pile

    Shame she can’t say what happened …. he hasn’t got a chance either way

  • amazingthailand

    Quality tatoued viking tourist

  • amazingthailand

    I tought Pattaya flying club was exclusively for farangs

    • Gumble.

      It for you those fat slob miserable looking Poms

      • Mr Infidel

        How’s your mum today Gumbo?
        Apologise to her for me please, I was angry 🙂

      • Shancy Mancy

        you never look miserable when i’m finished on your moosh crumble, but to be fair its hard to see your mouth when its doused my man-juice.

    • Sly

      Is this a case of locals are stealing foreigner’s jobs?

      • amazingthailand

        Good point and probably in los land of scumbags these locals dont need a working permit

  • Gumble.

    We have no doubt this mentally unstable drunkard dribbling Swedish meat ball farang pushed her all the evidence stacks up against him . Eye for a eye tooth for a tooth they should Throw that meat ball farang off the balcony with a boat anchor tied to his turkey neck

    • Mr Infidel

      And what would the anchor do then Gumbo???

      • Gumble.

        things like that are to difficult for you to work out

        • Shancy Mancy

          its not difficult for crumble to work out on the end of my milk delivery machine, you love it crumble, your face and my creme anglais yeah!

    • Did you just have a crack at “physics”?!

      Good for you Isaac. Don’t tell my kids, but that’s the cutest thing I’ve seen this week.

      Because I don’t have to work for a living and apparently it’s spàstîcs-only night on FIFA, here are a few things to consider:

      Is there any other sort of anchor?

      Your implication is that the mass of an object (M) has an effect on the force of gravitational attraction (F) between it and another object (m) at a known distance (D).

      Put simply, (by Isaac Newton, with G being the gravitational constant, and where M is the Earth and m your diver + anchor):

      F = G(M*m)/D^

      Meaning technically you’re correct.

      In practical terms, however, in this case the value of M is so many times that of m, and D is so small, the gravitational force exerted by m on M can be discounted altogether and the rate of acceleration due to gravitational forces exerted on m by M will be essentially the same (at least to 5- or 6-digit accuracy) regardless of whether m is diver alone or (diver + anchor).

      This is what Mr Infidel was implying below. Unfortunately you missed that, and quite ironically went on to suggest that the effect of the anchor would be too difficult for him to work out.

      Well, it’s not too difficult for me to work out, and as I said, it’s effect is nothing. Much like the effect it had adding it to your comment in the hope it would add weight to it. (See what I did there?)

      • Gumble.

        nobody wants to read your boring pommy fat slob bleeding heart bullsh*t your like a boring Mills and Boon Novel and get a social life ya fat dribbling turd and some fiber in your diet

  • Joe90

    All you need to do is take
    One step into the sky
    Give yourself to gravity
    Give death another try
    In free fall,

  • Jack La Motta

    ” She is a mute who is unable to speak at all, he said.
    He said that they had an argument at their flat on the eighth floor”

    ARGUMENT???? So he´s fluent in Sign Language i guess, or she could lipread Swedish and write down in Swedish her answer? O_o VERDICT!! ⚖ GUILTY MY LORD

    • i had a disagreement with a mutt n’ jeff bird in insomnia one night. she was using her phone to communicate with me. it ended in tears when i declined her very generous offer of a LT session for the bargain price of 3k. i countered by typing on her phone that i’d only give her 1500, stating that as she couldn’t speak i wouldn’t be getting full value for money

      • amazingthailand

        You need to discuss while boumboum? Strange

        • isn’t dirty talking a part of the whole sordid experience that we all love to participate in?

      • amazingthailand

        And by the way if she was not mute you would have the classic ricefarmersdaughter thaiglish conversation.1 wat you name 2 we you com flom 3 how long you stay. Time

        • no, she did all that by typing it into a text editor on her phone. she then handed me the phone to give a eply … it was sureal but true!

          • amazingthailand

            Hahaha a good one but I believe you they’r able of anything for satang and for sure dont underestimate them

      • I can imagine that going down like a French kiss at a a family reunion. Good for you tho, too many mugs on holiday happy to pay over the odds, giving them a sense of entitlement.

        I used to barfine them in pairs, almost without exception. Everyone thought it was because I was some pr0nstar in bed or something.

        Truth was far less exciting. It was just so I didn’t have to talk to them sober.

    • The signs were there, he was just blind to them.

      I did think the same thing. Then, poor guy, finding a mute Mrs; he must have thought he’d hit the jackpot for awhile there.

      My other half enjoys friendly wager now and again. Her – always wants that handbag or those shoes if she wins. Me – how many days of silence are you prepared to risk?

      • Jack La Motta

        Well he didn´nt kill her to shut her up, thats for sure! maybe the silence was deafening? like being ignored?

        • Like the tree falling in the woods. If no one is able to hear her, does it even count as an argument? Don’t think that would put off my Mrs though.

          Trying to be sexy the other night, sultrily, she asks me “what would you most like to do to my body?” then winks “anything…”

          “Füćking identify it.”

          Not sure it was the answer she was looking for.

          • Jack La Motta

            you would hear the tree falling in the woods if it fell on your head!

          • Jack La Motta


          • Green23

            Demonstration of gestures or drawings.

    • Guest

      They have been living together for years dumbo, maybe he managed to learn signing in the meantime. No everybody is as slow as the lazy Brits pensioners who after a life of hardworking, try to live in a nice place (= Thailand, South of France ,Spain, Portugal… anywhere but England) and who after years living there are barely able to say “hello” in the local language

  • Ken Anderson

    Had it been the Swedish guy taken a flight from the 8th floor, the Keystones would have first emptied his pockets, then gone on the lash with the proceeds and booked it down as attempted suicide.

    • Gumble.

      well it’s only fair why should the city counsel have to wear the cost of cleaning up after some swan diving broken heart drunk fat dribbling slob farang

      • Mr Infidel

        It would seem that Gumbo has just described himself

        • Gumble.

          that come back has already been tried on me many times and failed too try a new original come back if you want to try and shame me ya Tool head drunk

          • Shancy Mancy

            ooof, crumble talking about tools, he loves them, especially mine deep into his cornholio

          • Misusing my line again, cümbucket?

            Like a toddler trying to shoot someone with an assault rifle. It’s lethal, only not in your hands.

            Let me help. For a start, comeback is an actual word. One, real, complete word. Unlike your attempts to use it since I wrote it, I wasn’t confusing it with two words.

            Comeback: (noun, informal) a quick reply to a critical remark.

            You see, I even emphasised the quickness of your reply by adding “snappy” to make it clear my point was, in fact, made sarcastically; as you’ve never been quick nor effectively critical.

            Now for homework you can look up sarcastic, and try again tomorrow.

          • Gumble.

            get used to it and get used to me slob Pom

          • popeye the sailorman

            nobody will ever get used to you YOUR just a dimented dimwit who needs sending to OUTER MONGOLIA island and play with the YAKS which live there OH !! get a one way ticket please

          • Gumble.

            so i’m getting to you am i get used to it then d*ck head

          • Gumble.

            so you have to loiter in news comment sites to wait all day and night correcting english the english that nobody gives a sh*t about look around halfwit this is Thailand ya sad sack of sh*t pom

          • popeye the sailorman

            and he can do more homework to find if ENGLAND is an effin ISLAND and where the BADLANDS ARE in the states

      • Shancy Mancy

        your face is my toilet paper crumble, you cleaned me up good

      • Why would the city’s legal advisor pay for anything?

        Assuming you meant “council” you illiterate füćktard, I don’t expect they will, either, when it’s your turn.

        That is, if a bloodied corpse on the side of the road even draws attention in whichever Third World śhït tip you call home; which somehow I doubt.

        • Gumble.

          เมืองพัทยา = council , meuang Pattaya so absolute know all fat slob i;m so good at English even though i have to loiter in a news comment room to correct other peoples English ya poor sad sack Pom you got it wrong too , d*ck head ,

  • ken

    The results will be that he pushed her as he is a foreigner and she is Thai, the other way and it would have been suicide. Its suicide to be in a relationship with any of these uncultured monkeys.

  • Tony Akhurst

    Yes she was pushed.

  • if the roles had been reversed the cops will have put the cause down to suicide and closed the case

  • amazingthailand

    photo one the sweed wears a light blue singlet and what seems to be a short. photo 2 he has a dark blue singlet and a mustard color pant. what happened in the meantime. the cob is looking at scene standing like a sphinks. shouldn he rush to the victim giving some kind assistance. instead of kneeling and sobbing shouldnt the sweed also rush to her and give assistance.

    • Gumble.

      I’ve seen that mad looking Swedish meat ball around Pratumnak before he’s really creepy looking even the girls here in the Bar at soi 5 Pratumnak have seen him too and say he’s a real schitzo

      • Shancy Mancy

        You excel at extracting the milky muck-muck crumble, the custard flows onto your face and you love it

      • Cowpad Bannana

        He must have had made a big impression on … your bed.

        • Gumble.

          many people have seen this schitzo around the neighborhood i’m sure this two bit one sided farang news site have there information wrong this f*ck stick just has to be a British drunkard murderer all the trade marks of a Pom

    • Ken

      Knowing about the incompetence of the keystone cops, the Swede probably ditched the other vest in the bin when they weren’t looking, as it might have had incriminating evidence on it. Back in the day, the cops back in England used to analyse our clothing even if a window had been broken near the scene of the row, for fragments of broken glass or tiny flecks of blood, invisible to the naked eye – and that was thirty years ago.

  • Paul Mason

    Is there any business that makes balcony safety railings that make it almost impossible to fall ? Balconies, drink and loneliness are a bad combination.

    Not saying that happened here.

    • Estebandejesus

      All safety initiatives and equipment are banned in Thailand.

  • amazingthailand

    A druged viking primate and a mute ricefarmersdaughter skol

    • Gumble.

      should been one of your Pommy fat cow wheat farmers daughter

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  • Cowpad Bannana

    She is mute but we had an argument.. doesn’t this ftard mean he was arguing with her then threw her off the balcony.

    • Gumble.

      what a shame you haven’t been thrown off your view Talay balcony after one of your cheap charlie beer bar slobbering beer swirling session head first too

      • Cowpad Bannana

        Would be hard as I don’t drink and would land on your broke fat ass to cushion the fall.

        • Gumble.

          your’re a typical loser old drunkard Pommy git we know and you know it now go check your bank balance your once a month old fart pommy pension might be deposited by now just in time for the cheap charlie beer bars slobbering beer swirling sessions .

          • Cowpad Bannana

            You have no idea.. not a Pom but keep guessing.. Pension what a laugh.. years away from that.
            High and mighty thinking everyone fits a mold that you talk too.. unfortunate for you I am one of the winners that you hate so much.
            Envy looks good on you.

          • Gumble.

            so i am correct your poor typical pom pensioner life in Thailand reads out like a book all you slob dribbling drunkard old man poms are the same

          • Cowpad Bannana

            Read ya dumb Bogan not a Pom. Understand inbreed doll bludger.

          • Gumble.

            old pensioner pom on your view Talay rocking chair clipping your toe nails waiting for your happy hour at the cheap charlie bars with your old fat dribbling pommy buddies

          • Cowpad Bannana

            ummm yeah ok bit early you have not been down to Centrelink yet.

          • Gumble.

            mirror imaging your poor life out in a news comment room we see ya desperate old fat slob

          • Cowpad Bannana

            You can’t beat a winner.. thanks for the white flag looser.

            Go back to your bar stool you fat white beater wearing piss head.

          • Gumble.

            You’ve lost the fight before you’ve even started you have to mirror image your poor pom slobbering life out in a news site room lol

          • Cowpad Bannana

            You waved the white flag that’s loosing.. just like the time you lost at sword fighting with that ladyboy.

            Unless.. are you upset about what this guy did to your daughter? Get over it.. you were playing daddy you should not have been fiddling with her.

          • Gumble.

            You lose like your obvious loser drunkard poor broke skid row view Talay life

          • Cowpad Bannana

            Running out of material are you?
            You have already lost walk away.. but then again a looser never knows he has actually lost he just stays up at 5am on news forums hahah you looser in life and this thread.

          • Gumble.

            loser you have to use my material and beg for a white flag you’ve lost before you’ve even started typical Pom no back bone and yellow at that

          • Cowpad Bannana

            Your life lost as soon as you decided to touch kids you Pedo. You lost that court case and you have lost everything in life.. chin up you should have thrown the computers out.

            Sick Magot


        Aussie nonce

  • Sly

    Survived an 8th floor fall. That’s gotta be record here.

  • Estebandejesus

    She went down quicker than a Thai hooker.

  • LondonChris

    If it had been the Swede that went off the balcony the police would have had no problem labelling it suicide immediately.

  • Peer of the Realm

    After your wife/girlfriend attempts suicide, it’s only natural to change your shirt! Gotta put on your best 200 baht singlet for the photos! Something very suspicious here. Lock him up on Death Row.

  • Danny

    Sadly the girl died. Why doesn’t the P’One update this sad event? Asia Jack reported on this a day ago. What is the matter with you people…P’ONE?

    • amazingthailand

      Very sad hope that sh*t moron stay in monkey house for the rest of his miserable life

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