Enter at Your Own Risk


Due to ongoing roadwork and traffic problems regarding the new underpass on Sukhumvit Road, the authorities have opened one side of the underpass for those who were brave enough.

Anyone travelling from Bangkok towards Pattaya will now have the choice to use the underpass, if they wish. This will only be temporary however, as the road is still basically a dirt track, and still looks like it’s a long way away from completion. It’s very narrow too, and traffic speed was kept pretty low, averaging 20-30 km/hour.

img_8818 img_8819

As mentioned in a previous article, February next year has been earmarked for completion. Whether this happens or not is yet to be seen. There still seems like an awful lot of work to be done, but hopefully it gets done sooner rather than later because the traffic in getting worse, the longer it drags on.


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  • Luke

    Rome was´nt built in a Day!

    • ken

      Pattaya looks like it was.

      • Seviyor Beni

        no .. it looks like it was not planned at all and just added on and on and on … they add the infrastructure AFTER the houses are built. They do not bother to lay underground pipes for cable runs. That is why the rats nest of cable everywhere.