Divers Search Pond for missing car salesman


Divers search pond for missing car salesman

The search for missing Bangkok car salesman Rattaphum Pimjaisai continued Saturday when police investigators used three scuba divers from the Poh Teck Tung Foundation to search a four-rai pond within a public park under the Chimphli elevated road in Taling Chan district.

The pond search came after people told police there was a bad smell in the area, forcing them to fish elsewhere. Rattaphum went missing on December 20.

A cellphone belonging to Rattaphum, 34, was found nearby while another search on Friday found the man’s black leather shoe. Both the phone and shoe were collected as evidence and submitted for DNA tests.

Saturday, officers found bones in the pond area and sent them for forensic tests to determine if they were linked to Rattaphum or at least human.

Credit: The Nation

  • L-Nino

    Why were HIS phone and shoe sent for expensive and useless DNA testing? To prove HIS shoe and HIS phone in fact belong to HIM?

    • Roland Schwinn

      If someone else’s DNA/blood is found on HIS shoe or phone, the police could ask that person how it got there. Its call investigation 101, as they have nothing else to go on at this point.

      • Jack La Motta

        Be more efficient to drain that pond/swamp to find out what secrets it holds

    • Jack La Motta

      To test if they were fakes

  • Patamnak Hill Hobo

    Come hail or shine would you get me in that snake infested mosquito breeding looking swamp unless i had concrete boots on

    • Jack La Motta

      hahaha it used to be a pool and spa called Jurassic Park

      • amazingthailand

        It were ricefarmers pirranas

        • Jack La Motta

          Rice Farmers Daughters Piranhas O-o

  • Jack La Motta

    Its dangerous enough driving Cars in Thailand, now it´s not even safe to sell them

  • Homebrew

    When asked if they were able to retreive him, the divers declined to comment. However, they managed to come back with a great deal on 2 Hondas and a Toyota.

  • amazingthailand

    He sold copies made in thailand. Somebody got very angry experiencing he got a fake one