Did she fall or is there More to the Story


Police investigating an incident of a fall from a 3rd floor apartment leaves a woman with serious injuries

On March 4th at around 10:00pm, Pattaya police and emergency services were called to the scene of an incident where a 37 year old Thai woman has suffered serious injuries due to a fall from a 3rd floor apartment.

Arriving at the scene, paramedics had to treat the woman immediately before declaring it safe to transfer her body to a local hospital for further treatment.

Police interviewed a neighbor, who said that earlier on he had heard noises coming from the victim’s apartment that sounded like an argument. The noises got louder and louder before he heard a loud thud, in which he thought something heavy had fallen outside. He rushed to the balcony to find the victim lying motionless on the floor 3 floors below.

He called emergency services immediately and they were quickly onto the scene to assist.

Police followed soon after and made their way up to the victim’s apartment to investigate. On entering the room, they found nothing of any importance, until they heard the sound of a mobile phone ringing, which turned out to be the victim’s phone. They answered and soon realized it was the boyfriend of the victim.

They called him down for questioning.

The boyfriend claims they had been arguing on the phone, prior to the victim hanging up, although police are not 100% convinced.

Due to the condition of the victim, they have not yet had chance to question her and will wait until she makes a full recovery before continuing the investigation into what exactly caused her to fall.

  • pattayhobo

    I have no idea why it’s not believable to have an Argument over the mobile phone as suggested . Besides we all know the only bird brains that fall off balconies accidentally are the beer baron beer barrel lookalike happy hour beer swirling farangs . Usually from a view Talay condo block . This is just nothing more then a beat up unfortunate accident i hope she will be fine soon .

  • ken

    If this was a foreigner there would be no questions about the fall but when its a Thai the Cops are questioning if it was an accident or not. Typical of the way things work in this wasteland.

    • pattayhobo

      Well lets face it and going by past results it always seems to be these Bird brain drunkard beer swirling farangs that do happen to fall off there balconies and some build up there emotions so much and start thinking they can fly off there balconies i them call those one’s Jonathan Livingston seagull farangs.

  • pattayhobo

    This worthless braindead Thai male will be gutted he didn’t get chance to go through her purse before the cops arrived,

    • pattayhobo

      the poor pom using his many profiles trying to be effective ,

  • Ken Anderson

    For sure: Misplaced rice farmers trying to adapt a hillbilly existence to city life.

  • amazingthailand

    This is the full story ricefarmersdaughter didnt su.. enough money out of her cheap charly farang to pay booze jaba and casino for her thai boyfriend. So she got the lesson. These are real man who know how to handle these hoors. Take the lesson farang

    • pattayhobo

      you have proof on this all just guessing as usual well like every other day

      • amazingthailand

        Wake up man if you are so naive take you one way ticket back to kangourou land. Free advice

        • pattayhobo

          i have an open mind to any unfortunate accidents it’s only you misguided poor feeble potential heart attack farangs that fall off balconies or swan dive off

        • pattayhobo

          calm down your raging and ranting again you’ll wear out your view talay balcony rocking chair at this rate . you’ll just to get used to me hindering with ridiculous and constant blaming of Thai people with no facts

        • pattayhobo

          It’s s shame she didn’t fall and. break your big know all pommy head

    • Paul Mason


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  • Peer of the Realm

    Why do you write “transfer her body” when she didn’t die?

  • Tony Akhurst

    you all know the answer ken and his cronnies pushed her.

  • Rise

    It’s logical just check the phone data and the time the boyfriend called ! it should pin point where it was made from …….