Caught in the middle of the act…The oral act!


Caught in the middle of the act…The oral act

A team of Pattaya police and army personnel have raided a popular gentleman’s club in South Pattaya to find illegal oral sexual activity taking place.

At around 6:30pm on June 19th, Pattaya police joined up with a squad of army soldiers after receiving reports that sexual services were available for purchase at popular gentleman’s club, Rioja.

Undercover police entered the premises first, armed with 3,000 baht. The plan was to confirm that sexual services could definitely be purchased before raiding the establishment.

To the amazement of absolutely nobody, police quickly confirmed the reports and made their way inside.

The establishment is set out across 2 floors and covers approximately 150 Sq. metres.

Downstairs police found there to be around 15 bar girls entertaining customers in a friendly manner.

Making their way upstairs, they found some short time rooms where customers were able to have some fun with a girl of their choosing. Entering the first room police found a young girls entertaining her customer on the bed.

A few moments later they entered a second room where they found 2 girls giving oral pleasure to a foreign customer inside a Jacuzzi bath tub.. Police also found condoms, lubricants, and kamagra jellies in the rooms.

Police collected as much evidence as they needed including photos and made their way back downstairs where they were introduced to a 52 year old woman who claimed to be in charge of running the business.

She was taken down to the police station for further questioning and police will be looking to file charges in the near future.

They also sent a strong message out to other establishments that may be involved in similar activity that they will be continuing raids in the coming weeks.


  • Cammybhoy

    WTF is the policy of Pattaya police Are they trying to empty the city or just like being seen to be doing something I wonder how many people would visit pattaya if the sex trade ain’t there Not me Surely that’s the main attraction for most visitors

    • ken

      Calm down, read my post above to learn how things work in this town, every now and again these stories pop up as the Keystone Cops used the media to send out their message as a warning to the many of purveyors of sex. You probably wont read another story like this for another two months or so.

    • Ken Anderson

      ”that’s the main attraction for most visitors”.
      Not any more it isn’t, and has not been for a number of years. Pattaya is currently very busy with tourists, but very few are traditional type Pattaya tourists that are here to drink in bars and play with rice farmers daughters.

      • Rob

        Well, if you count the tourists coming by coach and staying one/tow day you might be right. In fact the Pattaya part of the tour is advertised as the “naughty” experience, and a visit to Walking Street is mandatory. If you get rid of Walking Street and the “seedy” bars even the coaches won’t come anymore.

        • Ken Anderson

          I fully understand what you are saying.
          But you try and get a Thai to understand, reason, common sense or logic. When it comes to tourism, all they ever focus on is numbers.

  • ken

    The message here to other gentlemen club owners is simple, pay your dues or this will be you. Notice how the police took the ugly, smelly tart down to the station and said they will get around to filing charges in the near future, its simply a warning not to cross them. These bent keystone Cops are expert crooks in land of filled with nothing but crooks

    • amazingthailand

      The one baboon in black seems to be the local sherif. The other in camouflage is a special force parachutist ready to jump together in the jakuzi without parachute.

    • Xaos


  • Rob

    It seems a nice place to be.
    Just for research purposes, does anybody know the name of this place and where is located?

    • Marquise Van Degeneva

      “At around 6:30pm on June 19th, Pattaya police joined up with a squad of army soldiers after receiving reports that sexual services were available for purchase at popular gentleman’s club, Rioja”—– I am sure Google or your network of club mates can help you with the rest

      • Rob

        Thank you, I did not see it, my bad.

    • popeye the sailorman

      google it

  • Heywood Jablowmie

    The writing is on the wall here.

  • BuddyEdgewood

    This is just typical slow season shenanigans.

    • Sly

      They get paid in a non-material way by their wannabe fantasies of being the great foreign law bringer being met. Typically if you want to become one preferably you should have no experience in law enforcement, like dressing up in uniforms and parading around like a goose. No understanding of the word hypocrisy and a willingness to associate with known felons also helps.

  • popeye the sailorman

    this place was up for sale yrs ago…..and think it still is?? Who will but it now??

    • Ken Anderson

      Maybe once it is derelict and worthless, a Keystone cop?

      • popeye the sailorman

        you are right

        • Charles Baht Esquire.

          sucking up and agreeing with your bum f ucker beer bar buddy as
          per usual

  • popeye the sailorman

    is that GUMBLE/the ESQUIRE in the tub could be him trying to clean up his effin comments??!!

    • Charles Baht Esquire.

      no chance there, Pecker head Pom . now go count your rhubarbs bushes and parsnips and shoosh !up a little .

  • popeye the sailorman

    why raid the place yesterday it has been there for many yrs??

    • Ken Anderson

      Low season, business is slow, profit will be down, tea money probably unpaid.
      This is just a warning to all such establishments to maintain their payment of gratuities correctly, even when they may not be earning enough to afford it.

      • popeye the sailorman

        you are correct

  • popeye the sailorman

    The establishment is set out across 2 floors and covers approximately 150 Sq. metres WHO CARES why put this in the report….vital info !!

  • Three Lions

    Just sending out a signal that Tea money is due!

  • Ken Anderson

    These keystones really were at the back of the queue when brains were handed out.
    Why do they need to go, ”armed with 3000bt”, assisted by a plethora of soldiers and city officials, just in order to find out what everyone else has known for years?? Brilliant!!!
    At least it has given them another photo opportunity.
    I do wonder who actually went ”armed with 3000bt”? Highly likely some deluded silly old foreign police volunteer with a misguided feeling of self importance, who thinks his action will in some way earn him some brownie points. Hopefully he will eventually realise, all he will ever get for his snake like behaviour is a brown nose, and hated by every western expat and tourist alike.

  • Ken Anderson

    That poor chap in the Jacuzzi with TWO rice farmers daughters could be seriously out of pocket if the raid came at the start of this liaison.
    Yet more proof that it is always without exception a very bad idea to pay up front for anything in the Land Of Scams.

  • Deadhorse.

    How many lengths did the Thai lady manage ( Of the pool, not the …. ) ?.

  • Late Tea Money..another bars rating out its own kind..Jealously….

  • Three Lions

    GUMBEL told me if you give head 20 times a day it prevents tooth decay!

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