Bangkok Expat Dies on Way to Hospital


Tragedy played out on Facebook as sick and uninsured Bangkok expat dies on the way to hospital

A foreign man dies following a road traffic accident on Friday while on the way to hospital to seek treatment for a severely infected leg.

Just hours earlier, the dead man identified as Christian Melzer, had posted in a facebook group asking for help regarding his infected leg.

Mr Melzer posted asking for information on which hospital in Bangkok would treat him despite having only social security and no private insurance.

“Who can tell me a good, really good hospital which I can visit with Social Security???” read the post.

“Never mind in which area in BKK Ort around. I have 6 months to fight with an infection and my hospital (Chalurat 9) not get it away…

“I have much pain and I don’t know what to do anymore …”

Accompanying the post was a graphic photo of his severely infected leg.

Replies to the post urged Mr Melzer to seek urgent medical attention.

However, Mr Melzer suggested that he had no money to pay for treatment and no private insurance, saying that it could take a month for social security to pay any medical bills.

“Thank you for all the replies, but it seems I also can forget that. Even to change the allowed hospital by the social security take about one month …

“Don’t know what I can do more …”While people continued to post advice to Mr Melzer, a Facebook user  posted a video to a Thai news site reporting on the death of a foreign man following a road traffic accident.

The news report, which was filmed just hours after Mr Melzer had posted asking for advice about his leg identified him as the victim.

Details of the accident remain unclear, however, from the video footage supplied to Thai news site, first responders believe Mr Melzer was riding his motorbike and collided with the side of an overpass, falling to his death.

Source: Thai Visa

  • Tony Akhurst

    R.I.P now you wont have to worry about your legg.



      • SHO-RYU-KEN


  • Patamnak Hill

    Ha! The so called I’m so good cut above the rest expat , no insurance , no money spent all his money swirling and guzzling beer in happy beer bars . They say a foreign man as sure as eggs it’ll be Pom .

  • German Insurance is a SCAM. They loot you with 53% tax when you are young and employed and when you become old. You have to WAIT for Doctors appointment in Germany.

    Germany has severe Doctors shortage and people have to wait for months to get treated.

    German Tax systems scams your hard earned money and leaves you nothing when you are young and takes you to your grave when you are old.

    Even to change your Hospital in foreign country, one has to wait for months as the deceased person said in his post. Its not even possible to shift hospitals with German Insurance.

    Germany & Europe is a 4th world sh*t hole with broad roads & working Plumbing system for the Show on TV. When you deal with real life problem. These Countries are worse.

    I know been there, done that. Never EVER going to that HELL called GERMANY

    • Ken

      RIP Mister Melzer. Merkel and her ilk are robbing her own people to pay for her refugee policies, and yet despite being shafted by Merkel for years the German people still refuse to vote for any party right of centre. It’s time for mainland European countries to make their own Brexit.

      • Billy Diesel

        How true, but a young pretty MP called Frauke Petry will kick her a*se in the coming elections if the Germans finally grasp reality.

        • Ken

          I hope you’re right. After Brexit and Trump, a victory for this lovely lass would be the nail in the coffin of multiculturalism in Europe.

    • soidog

      Try Britain,to much fanfare ministers proclaimed that ‘no one will have to wait more than two weeks for a Doctors appointment’ I went and they would not give me an appointment
      because there was a two week waiting list! I looked around the surgery ,it was full of free loading immigrants.What a joke when I have been paying in 45 years.

      • SHO-RYU-KEN

        serious for a moment. 5 years waiting for an exploritory on my knee. not good.

        • SHO-RYU-KEN

          my spin kick is miles behind ryu’s now.

      • amazingthailand

        One advice for you EMIGRATE

      • Peter

        Not true everywhere in the UK, I recently got a doctors appointment in 2 days and a hospital referral appointment with a consultant in just over 2 weeks.

  • Another dead oxygen thief

  • Sly

    If he’d only lost an arm in the crash he’d be fine. Apparently some of these hospitals charge an arm and a leg.

    • Martin Klauser

      Depends in which hospital they bring you into.Mostly into those which pay the most commission for the (mostly private) ambulance services in thailand. If you still can speak tell them that you are not rich but not completely broke also. Make them think you have money, but not much is the way to go imho

  • amazingthailand

    Rip for the guy. But once again cheap charly moron farang. When you want to stay in wasteland first contract you an health insurance the name worth. Second as i said before DONT drive any engine yourself.

  • Harish Kapila

    Very Sad , and sometime think there must be a NGO or helping society for the people like Late Mr. Melzer, no matter if few cases may fake but in this way we can help to needy one. This i used to do in india , and when ever we come to know about any of my know like sickness or death we collect money here in pattaya and send to there family member or arrange to send the body to there native place.

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