Hunt for Man for attempted Rape of 7 Month Pregnant Woman


Attempted rape of 7 month pregnant woman

Police in Pattaya are hunting for a man who tried to rape a woman who is seven months pregnant in the toilets of the Royal Garden Pattaya on Beach Road.

He produced rope to tie the hands of the helpless victim.

The man believed to be the assailant was caught on CCTV walking out of the store. His picture has been circulated throughout the resort but so far police have no lead in the case, reported Pattaya News.

The 23 year old victim – named only as “A” – is a sales worker at the store. She told Pattaya police that she went into a ladies toilet on the first floor. A man wearing a white t-shirt came in and grabbed her from behind and forced her into a cubicle.

He held a stripping tool to her neck and brought out some rope he had with him and tied her hands. He then tried to rape her saying if she called out he would hurt her more.

But the worker did call out when a colleague entered the toilets. The colleague thumped on the cubicle door and the man said that he was security arresting someone but she did not believe this and reported immediately to real security.

But the assailant managed to flee the scene despite being chased through the store by guards.

Police got a good image on CCTV and have circulated this to the public but the attacked remains at large at this time reported Pattaya News

Credit: Pattaya News

  • Peer of the Realm

    She was known only as “A”. That must make it really difficult to buy plane tickets, etc.

    • Lee Morrow

      Real funny you are !

    • taff

      She hasn’t flown for years since she crashed her plane into the wall of the Royal Garden Plaza.

    • Jack La Motta

      Shes part of the ” A ” Team, so she travels incognito

  • Ken

    He obviously thinks he’s still in Sub-Saharan Africa, where any man can rape any woman he wants to with no repurcussions.

    • Jack La Motta

      But dont dare steal a Goat!

    • Thai Boy

      As we understand: The guy was speaking Thai and nothing mentioned about Africa.
      How the hell from the photo you assumed he is an African!

      • Ken

        Because unless my eyes are playing tricks on me, the would-be rapist in the picture appears to be blacker than any misplaced Issan hillbilly I’ve ever encountered. Having said that, I stand to be corrected if the gentleman concerned is not actually from the giant begging bowl known as Africa.

        • Jack La Motta

          Hes a Coal Miner or Chimney Sweep

          • Ken


        • Ken Anderson

          Yes I agree, on second look the picture does indeed appear to show the image of a Chocolate man.

  • LondonChris

    But the assailant managed to flee the scene despite being chased through the store by guards.
    Must have been less than 5 guards, they would not like odds of less than 5 to one

    • Jack La Motta

      He managed to rape 5 of the guards before fleeing

  • Ken Anderson

    Probably another Isaan Hillbilly, trying to adjust to life in a city.

  • amazingthailand

    the reporter didnt mention a very important detail for columbo to solve this case. did she had to pee or to sh.t or both

    • Ray

      What does that have to do with it ?? just curious to hear your answer

  • le chef

    thats a very casual flee he’s doing

  • private pile

    He must be a painter and decorater on his lunch break … got a bit horny …forgot his wallet that day but not his bottle of sangsom. ….

  • james

    Guy on the picture was found innocent and absolutely nothing to do with the case. An unlucky guy who was spending the day at the beach with wife and son.

    He turned himself in after seeing CCTV on the news

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