A German who has been blacklisted has been denied to board a THAI flight


A German who has been blacklisted has been denied to board a THAI flight

Tuesday after being blacklisted by Thai immigration.The “most hated German in Thailand” has been denied to boarding a Thai Airways flight

Notorious beggar Benjamin Holst, who first hit the headlines in 2014, when he used his swollen leg to get money out of generous Thais who were sympathetic towards his plight. Holst’s story was shared among Thais on social media and he even featured on national television. He later received a 50,000 THB donation from an association which assists German nationals overseas.

However, rather than going back home, he traveled to Pattaya where he was photographed partying with bar girls on Walking Street.He was later arrested by Pattaya police and deported.

Holst has then been photographed begging in Hong Kong, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Singapore.On Tuesday he tried to board a Thai Airways flight from Zurich to Laos, with a transit in Bangkok.However, the airline refused to allow him to board, citing that he was blacklisted by Thai immigration. Asia Nation

  • Ken Anderson

    What was he blacklisted for? Muscling in on a Thai scam?

    • Tony Akhurst

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  • ken

    Typical Thais, they never want any foreign person to get in on their scam or make money in this wasteland. This schnitzel face German may not know it but this is in his best interest as these baboons will administer pain to anyone who use their devious tactics to make money in their land

  • Guest

    Good riddance, they should ban as well all those begpackers that play the guitar in the streets with a 500+ Euros camera and who shamelessly ask for money to fund their trip

    • amazingthailand

      Dear muppet, For once, maybe you are sober, i have to vote you up

  • Homebrew

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  • Glockandspiel

    Sauerkraut Herr Holst should be given a 10 year visa to Thailand and on arrival they should roll out the red carpet because he has brought out the best in Thai people – benevolence, charity, consideration and sympathy. It is a nice change, although rare, to see Thais giving rather than always on the take.

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  • amazingthailand

    Generous thais? this story is really fiction

  • Danny

    Benjamin Holst looks like he could lose about 60-70 lbs.
    Anyway Talk about begging? I was in a bar when a Thai wife was accompanied by her ‘Blind Husband” wearing dark glasses etc. he’s holding on to her as the Hands are out going around the bar and of course only falangs are offering to give, including me. So, I throw 20 baht into his kitty and then felt sorry for him and threw another 20 baht. The Bar girls then laugh.
    The wife and” blind guy” leave the bar. I asked why they laugh? They said that he ‘s not blind, he drives his Motorbike and she sits in back. …. lol
    The Thais would never put that one on National TV ….

    • Sly

      You broke rule #2-never give money to fat beggars, just behind rule #1-never give money to beggars.

      • Danny

        I admit it, I’m a sucker. The story above is true, I posted it to try to loosen people up from the name calling nonsense.Keep up your good work Sly.

        • Danny

          Your’e right Sly. It’s tough to ignore a young Thai girl carrying an infant around bars, begging for handouts at Midnight in the early mornings ….. I used to but now I learned that they rent a baby for the night …. how sick is that?

          • Well at least they dont eat it after work, i hope? O_o

          • Guest

            If she is renting a baby just for the sake of begging money she is not in a good position to start with. She cons you out of a few THB that don’t mean anything to you and that make a difference to her. No victim here, let it go.

          • Danny

            Good response but I know what I’m doing. Just like the little short Thai guy that every Falang thought was just 10 years old who went from bar in Pattaya pulling on Falangs shirts ( Never Thai shirts) for a handout. People felt sorry for him and even patted him on the head thinking he is a young boy, The truth was that he is actually 32 YO, He owns a $3 million home near Pattaya.
            Now who is the victim? Screw these people! I’ve wised up since!

          • 32 my ass! i have heard some lies but that takes the biscuit! eeen the little midget in the JB film live and let die, looked older than 32 and he was 4 ft 6

      • I dont agree, i have given a few quid to needy causes and paid for a few Mc Donald Family meals or KFC buckets, but only cos i have been there, i know what it is like to be down the swanee river and hungry! each case on its merits!

    • That weren´t a Thai guy that was Ray Charles

      • Danny

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    • The Groover

      Yeah, those RFD’s were right to laugh Danny. Hopefully you learnt a lesson there.

      • Danny

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  • Sly

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    Anyone have an alternative Thailand website? Thai Visa seems good.

    • The Groover

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      • Danny

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      • Jow Strummer

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      • private pile

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        • The Groover

          Hey, PP you can only block those with proper accounts not guests. Just hover over the user name on a post, click on the down arrow on the far right, and select ‘Block User’. Happy days!

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      • Charles Baht Esquire.

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        • private pile

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          • Charles Baht Esquire.

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    • private pile

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  • JJ ja

    Not about topic, but close. How come Phuket 7eleven(s) have ‘tip box ‘!? What is the reason?! Happy to hear ur comments.

    • Charles Baht Esquire.

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      • private pile

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        • Charles Baht Esquire.

          i guess i do the same most places in Thailand have the price of service already added into the Bill it’s just those big noting themselves certain farangs that want to stand out while the Thai staff laugh at them behind their backs as i see often. I’m not so mean and nasty i always tip big with advise , like always be good to your Parents , never stand up in a one man canoe, do your home work . that’s all you get out of me for a tip.

          • private pile

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    • Ok now

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