Thai motorcyclist dies, pregnant buffalo ends up with broken legs after crashing accident

Thai motorcyclist dies, pregnant buffalo ends up with broken legs after crashing accident

A motorbike accident that took place in the early hours of Sunday left a 25-year-old man dead, a pregnant buffalo with two broken legs, and another motorcyclist with minor injuries after the two men crashed into two buffalos near the entrance to Phuket’s Manik temple.

Two friends, identified as Apiwat Noowanna, 25, and Kriangkrai Kaewma, 27, were traveling together on separate motorbikes when they crashed into a herd of buffaloes crossing the road. The accident has been blamed on low light conditions.

Local rescue workers arrived at the scene and performed CPR on Apiwat, who suffered from a broken neck and wounds all over his body, but he died upon arriving at Thalang Hospital.

The pregnant buffalo that he hit was left with her left front and rear legs broken.

Meanwhile, Kriangkrai Kaewma suffered from minor injuries after crashing his Honda Dream into a different buffalo, which also sustained injuries.

“We will investigate the facts of the incident further and speak with the owner of the buffaloes,” said Capt. Ekkachak Kwuanwan of Thalang Police.

This morning, Mayor Worawut Songyos ordered municipality officials to use a crane to move the pregnant buffalo to a forested area behind Baan Manik Market.

A veterinarian arrived to check the pregnant buffalo’s symptoms and administered two injections into the buffalo’s wounds.

It remains unclear whether the buffalo has a concussion, or if the buffalo fetus is in safe condition. Veterinarian staff will conduct a thorough examination, reported municipality officials.

Source: Coconuts

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    Buffalo on the street of Phuket Island.
    Did RFDs bring their animals with them!!

    • Ken Anderson

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  • Tony Akhurst

    I hope the buffalo”s are ok especially the pregnant one. Those two idiots that hit the buffalos probably high on drugs racing with no lights.

    • Guest

      Give money to your RFD, she will use it to pay the buffalo’s medical expanses

    • Unfortunately even in the UK Horses with broken legs are usually shot, as their prognosis is very bad and chance to heal them is as good as none 🙁

  • Guest

    RIP young man

  • ken

    I hope the Buffalo makes it, she is so much more of a valuable contributor to Thai society than any Thai man and what a relief that Thai man will no longer harm another animals or humans with his recklessness and inconsideration as his criminal life is over. There is Karma in Thailand!

  • amazingthailand

    These buffalos are very slow. QUestion: how these morons succeeded in crashing?

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  • Ken Anderson

    This is nothing at all to do with low light, but everything to do with low intelligence and ignorance of these two hillbillies. They will have been driving too fast with no thought for anyone or anything else.
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    Bet lighting was bad because they left their lights off. Khwāy

  • Are they sure the Buffalo was pregant before the accident? or after the traffic cop arrived and saw it lying there helpless with its legs spread?